Managed IT for Work from Home Teams

IT Support Services for Remote Workers and Teams

Working from home has quickly become the new norm for many organizations.

Solace IT Solutions provides security, device monitoring, and most importantly support for users both in office and working from home. Our managed services offerings now include traditional in-office services, hybrid services that include both in office users and home users, and support for work-from-home users only.

Let us customize our services for your needs.

With users working more freely, your organization’s data is at a higher risk for hackers and phishing attacks. We provide cloud solutions that allow users to work anywhere, anytime, within a secure environment. Solace IT Solutions has a variety of security packages that will reduce your worry about the safety of your data.

Solace continues to provide extraordinary support to both in office clients and work from home users. Our helpdesk has taken a larger role in our operations with the increase in work from home users. These technicians specialize in a variety of skills – from Office 365 to VPNs – our team can work magic – remotely. Centralize your IT support with Solace.

Tools to Promote Teamwork… In Any Environment
Solace can help your team with collaboration and communication. We are well versed in a variety of tools that promote teamwork. We have implemented Microsoft Teams for a large number of clients. Teams has proven to be a must have for many organizations allowing users to share, collaborate, communicate, and work as a team while working apart. We can work with your organization to find the best tool for your users.

Managed Cloud Solutions
Work anywhere, anytime, with cloud solutions. Customized for your needs, Solace Cloud Solutions will take your business to the next level and help you embrace the cloud easily and on your terms.

Cloud solutions are safe and allow users to work from anywhere, anytime, from any device.
Utilizing our cloud experience, knowledge, Microsoft Azure, and our close Microsoft relationships, we can transform your business.

Solace IT Solutions specializes in Microsoft® technologies including Office 365, Azure, and Teams.

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