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The Threat of Ransomware - Advanced, Persistent, and Always Evolving

Cybersecurity is priority one for small businesses with significant digital assets, but far too many don't prepare for the worst until it's already too late. Ultimately, the lack of due diligence can cost a company millions of dollars in fines and cause irreparable damage to a company’s brand, especially if the incident involves ransomware.

Falling victim to a ransomware attack can happen to any company. Indeed, the insidious nature of ransomware has only grown more troublesome as incidents after the incident made global headlines in recent years.

In one year alone, the FBI reported a 225 percent rise in total losses from ransomware, which should make any business rethink their cybersecurity posture before investing in standard malware prevention tools and services.

Ransomware is without a doubt growing in scope and scale, but it's also evolving how it exploits vulnerable users and organizations.

Crude versions of ransomware have given way to sophisticated, insidious variants that severely limit access to key files and systems, in addition to demanding ransom payment via a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Not only that, but ransomware authoring is also now a multi-million-dollar industry where malware authors sell exploit kits on the dark web to anyone willing to use them.

In the face of such a threat, is it any wonder that many IT companies are falling victim when they don’t take cybersecurity seriously enough?

How Prevalent Is Ransomware?

The threat of ransomware is both persistent and notoriously difficult to stop after an attack.

The worst kind of ransomware attacks can encrypt entire networks and lock-up infrastructure until a cybersecurity pro can remove the ransomware while restoring access to files.

Yet, despite the best efforts of cybersecurity pros around the world, a company falls victim to ransomware every 11 seconds, and the threat isn’t decreasing any time soon. In fact, it's only getting worse as ransomware payouts have increased over the last few years.

Companies lost an estimated $350 million in ransom payments in 2020, and that's only the publicly available figures. What lies beneath the surface is likely far greater than any of us can imagine.

At Solace IT Solutions, we're here to fight the growing ransomware threat to give you peace of mind moving forward.

Ransomware Removal and Prevention

What are the main risks associated with ransomware attacks?

Among many other dangers, the risks associated with ransomware attacks include:

  • Lost reputation
  • Unplanned downtime
  • Lost revenue for days or weeks
  • Attackers may be able to reinfect networks easily
  • Paying the ransom doesn't guarantee a decryption key
  • Legal fees if a company receives regulatory fines
  • Increased IT costs to recover from the attack

Certainly, there are many more risks, but these are the most common regarding the detrimental effects of a ransomware attack. The stakes only get higher, and that's why you need cybersecurity pros to avoid a ransomware attack.

Benefits of ransomware removal and prevention services with Solace IT Solutions

The benefits of ransomware removal services are many, and they also include ways to prevent similar attacks from occurring in the future. Depending on a cybersecurity company's depth of expertise, ransomware removal support tackles ransomware on several fronts.

First and foremost, we'll determine whether or not the malicious encryption is breakable. If so, our team will have a reasonably high chance of restoring systems, but the challenge doesn't stop there. The problem is that there could be multiple layers of encryption, or if the attackers deploy novel attack vectors and techniques that cybersecurity researchers have yet to see. For example, look no further than the recent supply chain attacks that exploited automated updates to third-party services.

We also help to determine if the end files have been encrypted partially or if they can be repaired and recommend ways to deter attacks with ransomware prevention services.

Ransomware Removal and Prevention

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